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Worst Days

Jyothis Joy - April 21, 2013 - 0 comments

The most waited days was just round the corner- The Arts, 3 days of fun, rocking and festival.. UTSAV ’13
but unfortunately all three days were the worstest of the month, due to different reasons.DAY-1
When I woke up, that too early, there was a smell of fun in the air. I did everything I usually do in the mornings. I went to the college by 7:30 AM. There was a procession by all the teams and that was damn fun. Every one were in the costumes of film characters. Got some cool photos..
The first event in the main stage was Eastern Group Dance. N’ I was behind the audience. The lead dancer had a mask of the Lord Ganapathi. And 10 seconds in to the start, she fell from the FLOOR!! She dint see the wedge, mistook a step n’ BANG! into the smoke machine. I remember that burning sensation fired from heart, all the way up to brain n’ back.
I was stuck for 3/4 seconds, then I felt like someone saying to me, “Dude, that’s someone too important to you. Go help!” Obviously, ‘cuz she was masked, I didn’t know who it was. I rushed towards the stage. Some people were already picking her up. I too helped, then they helped her out. Then I saw her face – Monisha Mohan., my friend, 3 times Kalathilakam, one of the best dancers in the college.
The dance was called off. She was taken to hospital. She hurt her leg really bad. Then I don’t remember anything much. I came back to college from hospital by 3:00 PM. The doctor prescribed her a week full bed rest. So she went back home by evening. Anyways that was one of my sleepless nights. Afer all these years with friends, this kinda experience was new. It has never happened before.


The worst thing about the day- It was damn boring. How do you feel when you are in the middle of the crowd n’ you are all alone? Exactly!! The same feeling.


I was looking foreword for the concert at night. I had this photography contest in the morning. Got some pics, nice ones but never matched with the theme given for the competition. Also by afternoon, ended up in a skit, which turned out to be the worstest ever presented in CEC. Luckily they didn’t throw rotten eggs at us. And the concert i was talking about was screwed. After all the waiting, screwed..
Basically, because the band from Chennai, dont remember the name, were drunk n performed real bad. The situation developed over it. Finally it became a fight between third and forth years. I don’t even know how…

P.S : All the worst days were payed off. I went to Trivandram, 124 kms from Chengannur. to the CET, College of Engineering, Trivandram. Their Arts fest – Dhwani was rocking harder than anything. I stayed with my friend Arun Kurian AKA AK. The DJ Night was awesome. Rocked like anything..!!

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