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Why you should fall in love with a crazy girl

Jyothis Joy - March 30, 2014 - 0 comments


For a really long time, I have been told by many that I’m crazy. Ofcourse in a good way. And I think I am. Well, Good ol steve said,

‘the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.’

I’m more crazy than just that. How crazy am I? The thing is, not everyone get to see my super crazy part. Only a very few people has seen my crazy wish list that is in my pocket diary. The one in my blog is nothing compared to that.
May be the better question would be, why am I crazy? Well, I love to live in the moment, live life to the fullest, as today is my last day. I dont want to miss out something just for being a macho. When you find something awesome you yell, “Hey, this shit is fucking awesome!”. Simple as that. Please dont get me wrong. I’m a huge macho where I should be. And my ego is big enough to keep me stick to my promises.

Now, why should you, not just me, fall in love with a crazy gal? The thing is, I have been giving it a thought about this since the realization that I’m crazy myself.

You might have seen her, at many places. The girl who look a bit different than her friends? The one who do not wears lipstick all the time? You might have probably seen her yelling out screams and ‘yay’s over small things. And every time you mention something small but a good thing, her eyes sparkles. You will be surprised by her honesty. And she will always have a list of things she should try out. Just talk to her, and in no time you realize that it will take you years to know the ‘whole’ of her. But why should you love her?

  • She will do unexpected things at unexpected times, which will make you realize that life is more than some important meetings, parties, work or studies. She will make you realize the truth that life is nothing but a memory of very small things – A Smile, that poem she wrote on a tissue, a small prank or even a pat on your head.
  • She will never complain, for the small delays or mistakes. The thing about crazy people is that, they all were not born crazy. They become one cuz they have been through a lot of shit. At least, enough shit to realize that in life there is no time to spent for the little bad things or mistakes and that its not worth hers or your time.
  • When you are down, she will always figure out a way to cheer you up. Thats one real good thing about the crazy people.
  • She will never hold you off from doing anything advendorous. Like a cross country bike trip or whatever. Because she know that risk is nesessary for the soul to grow.
  • At the end of our lives all we need is some good old memmories. And if you have her, you wish you have more time to think of everything.
  • You will reach a whole new level, where everything except you and her slow down and some songs play in the background.( Yeah, the AR Rahman type.)
  • Finally this is for all the machos, the serious guys who do not want to travel and want everything to be perfect. Go find her, she will find a hundred imperfect things about you. And she will one day make you crazy, because no matter what you are outside, there is some craziness in everyone. And do not forget the fact that nothing is perfect.

*Just for the sake of finishing something that I started to say, If you ever come across a girl who make you feel like you know everything about her, Just get away from her as far as possible. There is a good chance that you stumbled on to a bitch. That was the experience in motion.

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