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Two Years of working and an ass kicking exam

Jyothis Joy - April 12, 2012 - 0 comments


8th April 2012, Sunday – ‘its pay back time’ , that’s what i thought when i woke up . Interestingly i was not tensed as i used to be . I started off the day as usual. After doing all the stuffs that everyone do , i got ready for the exams . Dad n’ mom dropped me in SRV Govt. model VHS,Cochin.

My mom was going to kaloor church .On my way to the exam centre, my mom insisted on mugging up some thing, But i went on with what i was doing – listening to songs.On my way i met GAUTHAM BABU , one of my dearest friends , in Palarivattam . He had the same centre of examination for IIT-JEE.  I met a lot of friends at the centre.

The first paper was at 9:00 am . To be frank, it was easy for me and i scored 54 in 210. Then i had lunch with my entrance buddy , LLOYD . It was Easter and i had a lot.Just like every other Keralate, power naps were an integral part of my life which made the exam even harder, which started at 2:00 pm . Soon i realised that i was reading the same question over and over again for half an hour . But some how finished it off and gave back the answer sheet at 4:30 pm. And for my relief every one was doing the same. i barely crossed 20 marks in 198.

IIT-JEE kicked my Butt. But instead of this nasty exam i loved the day because of three things.

  • I usually go crazy while travelling in the Cochin city in bus. Its damn confusing sometimes and  i was always afraid of boarding the wrong bus. But on Sunday MY ATTITUDE TOTALLY CHANGED. I began to take it easy.
Kaloor bus stand
  • I took the bus to my moms home. I had two or three choices in selecting the routes. Either i could go to ALWAYE first and then get a bus to Chembarakki which is 6 km away from my moms home or i could take a bus to Kizhakkambalam , via Kakanad – Pallikara. I choose the second one and i boarded the bus. i was tired so i just plugged in a sprite to my mouth and  was just looking at the sky doing nothing. Then after passing palarivattam junction, I saw a big semi-round apartment. I read the name on it and i was surprised( Only after some seconds of contemplation , cuz’ it was a long forgotten thing and i took some time to recover.) I FOUND MY OLD BUDDIES’ PLACE.
friends home
  • Those flats in Vazakkala was not going out of my mind even after some time. I knew that my mind    was trying to relate it with something. I had some guesses. When i reached my moms home, i rushed for   my uncle, ‘Whats the name of George uncles’ flat ?’ He said ‘ First they were in a flat near vazakkala and then they moved to galaxy. You have been to both ‘ . I enquired more and i was surprised to hear the same name out  of his mouth. And it was so exiting . I was there a long time ago. It was the the place where i first gamed, the place where i fell in love ( now there is a pretty smile on your face,huh? 😛 ) with computers – its MY   COMPUTER CRADLE.
 So i found my friends home, my computer cradle and i screwed my IIT exam .


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