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Random Thoughts

Jyothis Joy - July 17, 2013 - 0 comments

Well, this post is basically about nothing, today I just felt like typing, just typing… Its just my random thoughts… random.
Well, I am a bit crazy, believes in odd stuffs, like I totally believe in the whole idea of ‘Grey Men’. I do stupid mindless things, talk to myself, loves rain  a lot that i just cant resist dancing in it, loves and trust my friends more than I’m supposed to, loves my stuff so much that i get angry at people when i see them using it them the wrong way. Some people might call me crazy but hey, my answer? ‘Bitch Please! I’m limited edition insane!’
Come On… At least I live my life the way I want. I make my choices. If I wanna quit college, I can! I have enough guts to do that. I’m not worried about this stupid ‘social status’ or ‘money’ or anything. I do what makes me happy. As simple as that. In fact that is my only rule! I do what makes me happy. After an year in college, i finally realised that most people out there are just not meant to be engineers. Some of them are better than that. They deserve better. They ended up in an engineering college because they had no choice. May be, just like 80% of the parent s in India, their parents might have also asked them ‘Engineering or Medicine?’ I am happy in a way because they have at least a dream, they know what makes them happy. They have a dream. The pathetic thing is that there are people who do not know what they what to be. They don’t have any idea why they are living or for what. God save them.
A week back, I talked with a classmate of mine, she is a kinda gal who laugh a lot, smiles all the time. I have thought, ‘How can somebody be so happy, even through all these pressure?’. But last day, she told me something on the phone. And I felt numb. My voice got stuck in my throat. Her life had been terrible, still terrible. I cant tell you what she told me, I have a promise to keep. I felt like i am a lot lucky.  She is strong, a thousand time than I thought she would be. There are people like that between us, who smile, laugh and do all the shit.. but carry fire in their heart. Real warriors.
Then one big thing that i understood after getting into college, People who will be there for you and care for you when ever you need them, might not necessarily love you. Actually, they might even trust you. They might care. But they just won’t love you for what you are. I had huge delima in understanding it, and the day i understood that, I felt like hell, I was down. I even wrote a post about it. But I took it down cuz i thought it is too much ‘negative’. A best friend of mine, or lets say, someone whom i thought was my best friend turned out to be someone like that.
Sometimes I think fate, luck, destiny and stuff like that are crap. But sometimes I feel the opposite. Of course, I do be live in some super power. And yeah I do believe in the teachings of ‘The Secret’. I tried that ones, it really works! The fate thingy comes up when something unexpected happens. But I tend to take it as coincidence. And i don’t think that we make our own ‘fate’ for it is nothing less than coincidence. In the long run, the idea of fate makes people make accept the truth and give up. But the other one, coincidence, makes us accept it and continue and fight for it. Taking situations like that works with me. Hope it works with you too.
Well, getting the hang of it?
I will leave the rest to you to think…


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