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Two weeks of work and getting paid

I just cant remember what was going on for the last two weeks. I had a hell of a life. 17th, 18th and 19th January 2012 (Thursday to Friday) were the Annual Sports…

Jyothis Joy January 20, 2013

BCK 13

  Its my first Barcamp. Although I had heard about It a lot I never got a chance to go. On 14th November, I waited for my Friend, Arun Basil Lal, In the bus…

Jyothis Joy November 5, 2012

An Open Letter to Chengannur

Dear Chengannur, I heard about you just 4 months ago. But now when I am writing this, I know that you will be part of my life for the next four years and beyond. As…

Jyothis Joy September 21, 2012


Although it took me some time to adjust with the college, new shedules and all, things right now seemed to be quite interesting. So far soooo.. good..The…

Jyothis Joy September 20, 2012

College, Big Boy, huh?

88% in CBSE exams where not enough for me to secure good rank in the Common Entrance Exam. I scored 9011 N' left my mom and other teachers unhappy. Also I was…

Jyothis Joy August 31, 2012


Wait, wait, wait .... Before reading this let me make you one thing clear - exact meaning of weirdest pictures - A picture which means nothing, But makes you giggle…

Jyothis Joy May 18, 2012

Two Years of working and an ass kicking exam

SRV HSS 8th April 2012, Sunday - 'its pay back time' , that's what i thought when i woke up . Interestingly i was not tensed as i used to be . I started…

Jyothis Joy April 12, 2012