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Crazy, Am I?

Jyothis Joy - October 20, 2012 - 0 comments

People say i am crazy
Yes, I am!
They can’t see things with my eyes
They wanna be serious! Perfectionists!
Lets say i have my reasons..
Things I cant tell you right now,
Life’s like that, ain’t it?
It hurts, It pains!
These days some people around started asking me stuffs like, “Are you nutts? Are you?”. The interesting thing is that all of them know nothing about me. And I am like, “Uhh… don’t know.. I guess so. If you cant see what i am seeing then its natural that you think i am crazy. In fact, we all are crazy in our own ways, right?”
God… I am so pissed about all these… I am writing you this cuz’ this was a hot topic last week in my community.. n the truth is that  i don’t even know the reason why they are saying all these. I believe its because they read my wish list..
Let me make you one thing clear..”I am NOT CRAZY!!”. Having weired wishes doesn’t mean that I am crazy, does it?
I don’t know how to convince you but I don’t care. I am me. My name is Joe. I started this blog to tell you some thing about my life and my friends. This is my autobiography, My life, the little things that i care about.
I had the most happiest childhood. – X-mas, Rains, holidays, Trips… Then things turned bad, really bad. But I learnt, I survived! I learnt a lot. I saw life, The hard, unfair, mean, real life. Then the people, Damn! Every ones seems to be selfish, Hippocrates,this world is full of chaos.. Unlivable! Its possible only because of some good souls.
This is what I learnt, Just as in the film ‘V for Vendetta’  … “I shall die here, every inch of shall me perish. every inch but one… An inch… It is small and its fragile….. And is the only thing in the world worth having. We must never lose it or give it away”
No one in this world gives a shit about you. No one cares. Even if you die, nothings going to happen in this world, just another day… You are nothing. All it matters is your decision.
You got two choice.
1. You can choose to survive
2. You can fight, succeed, live, enjoy!
Its a choice you gotta make..
I choose the second. N’ I wanted it to be different. All I did was remove that feeling of considering certain things taboo, just learnt to respect every culture in its own way, so for me there is nothing what you call good or bad. Whatever it is, respect it. Like one of my wishes is to visit a RED STREET. In India its considered to be the most baddest place to be. If my mom ever come to know about this wish, she is gonna kill me. Its a place where all the bad stuff exist – drugs, prostitutes, criminals, this, that.. everything.. But i wanna go there because i wanna know how it would be like to be there. I just wanna an experience. Life is one. All I am trying is to see and learn from my experience. And if I am crazy, then my craziness is just because of my curiosity. Even if I do something so stupid theres one thing that i will hold on to. My friends trust… I am sure I wont let them down…
loving you all…


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