June 5, 2014

Music Is Life!

  As long as I know, I have been a slave to Rhythms. And I remember, during those times when I was in high school, to […]
May 30, 2014


Alright, calm down my regular readers, this is what happened after Kaizen.   “#Vegetarian!” I updated my What’s App Status a while back, showing off as […]
January 26, 2014

The Misty Mountains

Thursday, 23rd January 2k14. These days its really tough to get up. Especially with my stupid not-so-healthy life style and because of the cold. If it […]
December 20, 2013

Sun, Snow and Chicken

Sunday morning felt so good, only for a moment, my mom was yelling at me to go to church. Until afternoon everything went quite. But then, […]
October 18, 2013

The Gang, that do not have a name..

They say that when you move on in your life, you have to loose people. But still the show will go on… But hey, My choices […]
September 18, 2013

Unpacking Lenovo G505s

  It has been a while since i have thought about buying a laptop. And today, 18 September 2k13 it happened. I started my research on […]
September 17, 2013

Why I’m in Love with Rain…

My onam holidays started on Thursday. So on Friday I went to my Aunts house, in Varapuzza. My uncle got a sweet shop in the town. […]
September 12, 2013

Drishti 2k13

  Hey!! After a three bad days of college, I just got something to keep the fingers on the keypad again.. After a few bad days, […]
September 1, 2013


Last day, I was looking at the pictures in my phone. It took me half n hour to go through all 556 of them. I had […]
June 22, 2013

15, 16, 17, 18,… 19!

Hey people, has been a while. Sorry, I was busy with the exams n’ all. Between came my birthday. I didn’t know that it was awesome […]
May 6, 2013

Why I find coding awesome

  I have seen some people out here in my college, looking at me with an awe. I often hear the questions, “How did you get […]
May 4, 2013

Revolution 2020

I just finished reading the novel, ‘Revolution 2020‘ by Chethan Bhagath. It’s the story of 3 friends – Raghav, Gopal and Aarthi. As usual the author […]
May 2, 2013


  Truth to be told, I just forgot to blog about my blog. Wondering what I am talking about?  I launched my pro blog on 2nd […]
January 20, 2013

Two weeks of work and getting paid

I just cant remember what was going on for the last two weeks. I had a hell of a life. 17th, 18th and 19th January 2012 […]
January 1, 2013

Bye 2012, I had an awesome time with you!

Now, less than an hour into New Year, its raining here… Raining hard! Unlike all the years, 2012 is really, oh.. sorry, ‘was’ really important to […]
November 5, 2012

BCK 13

  Its my first Barcamp. Although I had heard about It a lot I never got a chance to go. On 14th November, I waited for […]
September 21, 2012

An Open Letter to Chengannur

Dear Chengannur, I heard about you just 4 months ago. But now when I am writing this, I know that you will be part of my life […]
September 20, 2012


Although it took me some time to adjust with the college, new shedules and all, things right now seemed to be quite interesting. So far soooo.. […]
August 31, 2012

College, Big Boy, huh?

88% in CBSE exams where not enough for me to secure good rank in the Common Entrance Exam. I scored 9011 N’ left my mom and […]
July 20, 2012

Bon Voyage – Manglore

ON THE SHORES OF MANGLORE I slept late on Tuesday, Firstly cuz’ i was sleeping all day long, Secondly I was so exited about the trip. […]