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The blood on your hands.

Jyothis Joy - September 6, 2015 - 0 comments

I have two questions for you;

  1. Do you use an apple product?
  2. Did you see that pic of the refugee kid, washed up on the sand, and swear on European countries for not taking them in?


The apple products are made by a company called Foxconn in china, Till mid-2013, 24 factory workers attempted suicides and 14 of them were dead. They are only paid less than 100 rupees a day. The hostels they live in are thickly packed. They have riots there. Technically, you have blood on your hands. But, that doesn’t keep you away from buying an apple, does it?
And then, a 2-year-old refugee boy’s body washes onshore and all hell break loose.
It’s sad. The image is disturbing, yes. But are you not being a hypocrite?

Meet this girl, her face was burned in the Orissa riots, thousands of Christians were killed. Nuns raped. Where were your voice and cries and humanity then?
Where was your humanity when thousands of kids were killed in Afghanistan by US drones?
Where was your humanity when a powerful country like Israel bombed thousands of people in Palestine?
Where was your humanity when Iraq was invaded for Oil, thousands killed and its women raped?
Where is your humanity when millions of people in China are thrown out of their homes in the name of development?
Where is your bloody humanity while 10s of innocent civilians are shot down by the US cops for no reason?
Where is your humanity when a brave guy, Edward Snowden revealed that we all are being spied on? Why are you mum?
Oh, this one is better, when was your humanity when Susan Lindauer, a former CIA asset and whistleblower, revealed that the US was behind 9/11? (Say whaaat??? You heard me.)

But then, your humanity is at its peak when a boy is washed ashore. Lots of it is happening. Not getting to see a picture doesn’t make the fact that thousands of boys like Aylan Kurdi are being killed in many brutal ways, non-existent.
Let me tell you about the people who do that fake cries on the internet when something like this comes up.
Three words – Image crafting, Attention craving, Narcissism.

Prays to Aylan Kurdi and thousands of other kids who should have had a great life, but couldn’t because we were busy fighting for our god, country, fake freedom, and listen to the lies told by the media.

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