My website is developed by Jyothis, and he is extremely dedicated and committed. I tried many other developers from bigger cities like Bangalore before, but I couldn't find anyone better than Jothis. He is very talented, and he knows the cutting edge technology in WordPress and all the web technologies. His advantage is he knows about server infrastructure and how that can impact your website performance. You can count on him to deliver!
Anoop C Nair
Microsoft MVP
Jyothis is a vibrant, technically strong & a resourceful developer. He knows his work well and is extremely efficient in facilitating the website development process smoothly. His work aesthetics in terms of design, color, layout are interesting and helps a client create a perfectly balanced, new age and a dynamic interface. I felt extremely comfortable in our discussion, decisions and execution of various aspects required to create a website. High professional standards and humility are his strengths. I personally recommend his work and wish him huge success in future projects.
Richa Sharma
Life Coach

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