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Hello World, I’m Jyothis Joy!

Hi There! I’m Jyothis Joy ―
WordPress Developer

I realized pretty early on that I liked to work with my hands. From messing around with old clocks that didn’t work to creating projects for the science fair, I was born to be an engineer. My whole world changed when I was 17 and I saw my first “Hello World!” on a computer screen. Computers have taken over my life and coding is my passion.

I love working on multiple side projects at a time.
I am an audiophile and huge gadget lover.
I write a lot, most of which is kept here
I love traveling, and a cross-country road trip remains as one of my biggest dreams.

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My Experience

I started working on web technologies since I was in college. Over the time I have shifted languages, and tried as much as possible, including C++, PHP, Ruby & Python.


Web Developer

Teezonic Digital Makers

Chief Operations Officer

Need To Know More?

If you wanna ask me anything anonymously, feel free to ask!


They Say

We have associated with Jyothis for multiple web development projects. We found his work to be highly satisfying and commendable. We will be happy to associate with him for our future projects as well.

— Vinith Nair

i-miRa Knowledge Solutions

I am fortunate to work with Jyothis for some of the WordPress Development projects for my clients.
His expertise has been a key factor to deliver the projects on allocated budget and time. Jyothis is flexible and enthusiast to work with.

— Sajan S Nandan

Managing Partner, Grand Ideas

Jyothis helped me to migrate my site to a new server, he provided great insight into which OS/DB to migrate to with proper reasoning. The site is fast now, and I can see a big difference in bounce rate and increased page views. He is a very dedicated and helpful person and responds to all queries without any delays.

— Rajesh Pillai

Senior Software Engineer

A very creative and a good friend to associate with. Jyothis has first designed my own web site, because of his articulated work I have given more works to him. Jyothis is very prompt and attentive and react to the request immediately. Excellent work and I am really pleased with the results, especially the service part.

— Dr. Aravind T S


It’s always wonderful to get projects completed by Jyothis. While he delivers the projects on time with perfect quality, I’ve learned a lot from this passionate developer. It is the same reason why I keep relying on Jyothis when it comes to projects that matter to me and my enterprise clients. From designing simple WordPress websites to crafting well-tailored plug-ins for platforms, Jyothis is my go-to guy.

— Harisankar P S

CTO, Red Panthers

My website is developed by Jyothis, and he is extremely dedicated and committed. I tried many other developers from bigger cities like Bangalore before, but I couldn't find anyone better than Jothis. He is very talented, and he knows the cutting edge technology in WordPress and all the web technologies. His advantage is he knows about server infrastructure and how that can impact your website performance. You can count on him to deliver!

— Anoop C Nair

Microsoft MVP

Jyothis is a vibrant, technically strong & a resourceful developer. He knows his work well and is extremely efficient in facilitating the website development process smoothly. His work aesthetics in terms of design, color, layout are interesting and helps a client create a perfectly balanced, new age and a dynamic interface. I felt extremely comfortable in our discussion, decisions and execution of various aspects required to create a website. High professional standards and humility are his strengths. I personally recommend his work and wish him huge success in future projects.

— Richa Sharma

Life Coach, Image Consultant